WOW” That’s customer service

Margie H.



I am about to be a walking billboard. I think I'm gonna sleep in mine tonight. Thank you Larry Forbes at Home Run Promotions.

Ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited moment has arrived...a special thanks to Larry Forbes at Home Run Promotions for helping us out with creating these.


Kyle S.


“I've known Doug for about 10 years, and have always appreciated his desire to find out the best solutions to his clients needs.

Chuck C.


“Doug is a great business owner. I have used Home Run Promotions on more than one occasion. The products we ordered were top-quality. Without Doug I would have been overpaying on so many products. I appreciate everything he has helped us with.”

Stephen K.


“Doug is a great vendor for the hotels that I have worked for. He has always came through for me with promotional items I needed for sales blitz, trade shows, and much more. I would recommend Doug to any other businesses that would benefit from what he sells.”

Selina D.


“Doug has always met and exceeded my expectations. On more than one occasion, I have looked for particular items not so easy to find and he performed the research, got a sample, and brought them to me. Once the order is made, the items were delivered on time, every time. I am very happy. Everyone else I know that uses him, loves his work.”  

Donn H.


 I just received the pink jackets for Activities Week and I wanted to Thank You!  They are Awesome!!!!

Jessi B

Doug, wow my burgundy bags with metalic logo arrived. They are beautiful, the note pads are here also, pens should arrive soon. Thank you so much crystal


  Crystal A.


Perfect Job...and time to spare!  Thanks so much!!!


Dawn H.


we just received our shirts and they look great!!!  that was fast, too!!  thanks!!! 


Rhonda G.

Hi Doug:  Nice newsletter!  I would be happy to give my testimonial to your service.  I can honestly say each time I have ordered an item I have been pleased with the quality.  When I contact you to get the status of shipment on my order you are quick to respond with an answer.  You have always been very personable and approachable.  I love how you stop by at Christmas wearing your Santa hat to drop off a “goodie bag” to each of us girls in the office.  For me, good customer service, honesty and efficient delivery will win me over every time! 


Thanks Doug!



Diana A.

I love it!!!! U rock! I owe u


Jessie B.

Hi, Doug!


We had our big event this week-end. The portfolios and mugs were a hit... a "home run" so to speak.



Kindest regards!


Phew……….I just placed the order with Homerun Promotions for the 1000 koozies.  They will come in various colors with all of the seven Iowa facilities listed on one side and Pinnacle Health Facilities on the other.  These are the foldable koozies that you can put in your pocket.  The shipment will be delivered to my home address by Wed/Thur of next week.  If you haven’t worked with Homerun Promotions in the past I suggest you give them a try.  Doug truly went “to bat for me’ and promised delivery by middle of the week.  We did most of the ordering by phone and he will bill each facility separately. 


Sandra  V.


I received the cards today - they look GREAT!  Thank you so much for providing us exactly what we needed!


Thanks again!

Kimberly T.

Thank you. You are certainly


 #1 in customer service Doug.


I appreciate all your help, always.


'Crystal A.

The award was perfect and it was a great hit!

Thank you so much for your quick response to a VIP's request here.   It makes my life a lot easier!

You're the best!

Thanks, Doug!

Margie H.

Thank you again for the wonderful shirts!  They were magnificent! 


Amie T.

You are awesome!!!!


Thanks Doug!!


Karol J.

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